About Western Air Virtual

  • Here at Western Air Virtual we make it our sole purpose to mentor, educate and have fun.
  • We offer a wide range of flying types including virtual airline hour building to many destinations across the world.
  •  Our Airline hubs are based in the UK and we are slowly progressing out into Europe.
  • Management provide a non-politics atmosphere, whilst we remain professional we also have great fun but remain educational all at the same time.
  • The airline provides the ability for our virtual pilots to fly with flexibility.
  • We listen to our members to be sure we remain top of the leader board when it comes to experience, fun and leadership.
  • Western Air provides basic and advanced training to all levels required by our members.
  • We promise that you will find our free tuition above board and to a high standard.
  • Western Air has its very own Academy department here and we hope you take full advantage of it.


Owen S

Western Air CEO

Owen S is the founder of Western Air Virtual.  He has had a passion for aviation ever since he turned 16 after his first trial lesson at Bournemouth Airport with Solent School of Flying.  Ever since that day he has continued to add hours to his log book.  Owen now flies privately with his own EASA private pilot’s license out of Thruxton Airfield.

Owen works for a big company in the UK as a refrigeration engineer in the supermarket and Industrial sector of refrigeration.  In the future he will hopefully one day be flying professionaly as an airline pilot or flying as an instructor.

Outside of work other than flying Owen has other hobbies.  Fixing and maintaining automotive vehicals, valeting cars, riding off road and on road bycicles to keep fit and also Managing a virtual airline. 

Derek H


Derek H is the founder of the FSX online server ‘UK317’ hosting simulations since January 2013 and has played FSX since 2008.  Since then he has logged over 2000 hours of virtual flying and over 1200 hours of virtual ATC.  He also occasionally builds airfield sceneries for FSX.

He currently works as an electronics engineer and assembler in the field of communications.  Derek has been interested in aviation from a very young age and worked for 4 years as an apprentice aircraft engineer.

Though no longer working in the aviation industry he retains a strong interest in the field and has much experience of light aircraft flight and about 20 hours of control of several types.


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