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About Western Air Virtual

  • Here at Western Air Virtual we make it our sole purpose to mentor, educate and have fun.
  • We offer a wide range of flying types including virtual airline hour building to many destinations across the world.
  •  Our Airline hubs are based in the UK and we are slowly progressing out into Europe.
  • Management provide a non-politics atmosphere, whilst we remain professional we also have great fun but remain educational all at the same time.
  • The airline provides the ability for our virtual pilots to fly with flexibility.
  • We listen to our members to be sure we remain top of the leader board when it comes to experience, fun and leadership.
  • Western Air provides basic and advanced training to all levels required by our members.
  • We promise that you will find our free tuition above board and to a high standard.
  • Western Air has its very own Academy department here and we hope you take full advantage of it.
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