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       The leaderboards represent our members achievements,  calculated based on the flight reports they file with Western Air Virtual. 

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  • Routes Page for the airline In Progress.
  • New Logo currently being decided to bring a new look.
  • Updates to the About page.
  • Regulations page soon to be added with all rules and regulations. 
  • Thruxton airfield is having a scenery update by UK317. this will be our new aero-club.
  • A2A Cessna 172 WAV livery currently in progress.

We have closed our Wolverhampton and Lee On Solent clubs. You will find all existing fleet are now located at Marston Magna EGMM. You will only be able to fly from this base if you have downloaded and added the scenery to your FSX scenery library. This is a temporary situation and we would like to inform you that Thruxton EGHO will be the new aero-club hub. Derek at UK317 is currently rebuilding the airfield as a free scenery package. This will make the airfield look more realistic and more attractive to users. The reason for the change is due to the fact that Western Air originated from Thruxton and we would like to keep this as a reminder that Western Air Thruxton was where the idea of the Virtual Airline had been first thought upon. The scenery addon is not to far from being completed. once completed the hub will be added to the Airline and everyone will be informed.

Released 07/12/18, here is the latest Western Air Virtual repaint for fsx and P3D users. It is urged that all members should fly using our own branded livery. 

  • Western Air Liveries are continuasly being made for all of our fleet.
  • completed liveries can be found in the download section.
  • liveries are simple to install but if you have a problem please let us know.

We appriciate that there can be many versions of the same aircraft type out there, so if we have not made one for your aircraft type yet please let us know.

Liveries next in development!

  1. A2A Cessna 172 G-CKIE G-CKIF In Progress.
  2. PMDG 737-800 Winglets G-TAWL G-TAWM G-FDZE
  3. Carenado Beechcraft Baron 58 G-AWAD
  4. Quality wings 787-900 G-VNEW
  5. A2A Piper Commanche G-CGVC
  6. Quality Wings 757-200 Winglets G-NIKO G-OOBP G-OOBH

We are currently working on an entire new system for our Aer-Club and Virtual Airiline. This will mean for a more reliable and up to date system. this will include a new pilot tracking software. Please bear with us as this has to be done right and may take some time. 

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A2A C172 Comming Soon! 


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